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Proper Directional Wheels Available At ARKON OFF-ROAD

Having a well-built, better looking truck in your driveway is a statement that very few drivers can match, and you deserve the chance to be able to show off your ride at every opportunity and every turn on the road ahead. That’s why ARKON was created, to provide drivers across the country with high-quality, innovative directional wheels that are sure to give you that added aesthetic on your vehicle.

What Is Proper Directional Wheel Design?

First off, let’s talk directional wheels - simply put, these are built to give off the appearance that a wheel is always going in a certain direction, and with a true (or, proper) directional wheel, it will always appear to be going in that direction no matter where on the vehicle you’re looking. As you can imagine, this isn’t an easy task, because the design of the wheel has to be top notch while also ensuring that you aren’t sacrificing any performance quality in the pursuit of this look.

Design Cues And Features Of Arkon Off-Road Proper Directional Wheels

The forged, proper directional wheels that our Arkon team has built are the best in the business, designed to provide you with a perfect mix of status and function when you’re on the road; it’s no wonder why so many drivers and enthusiasts have trusted us with their wheels since we started. Better yet, each of the ARKON branded wheel models that we have available have been designed by local, Wisconsin-based artists, adding another element of familiarity and care to everything that we produce.

Shop Popular Proper Directional Wheels At Arkon Off-Road

If you’re in the market for a proper directional wheel, be sure to take a look at each of the models in our inventory - we have an extensive selection including favorites such as the Alexander, Caesar, and Lincoln, but any of them can be yours today. We have financing available for qualified customers, and we can get you approved in no time through our partners at Affirm - 0% financing is also available!

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