What Are the Best Tires to Stretch?

January 14, 2022


Curious about stretched tires and not sure if they would look good on your truck? Well, let's talk a little bit about stretched tires, and find out which tires are the best for stretching!

Before we get too in-depth, we must tell you that any form of tire-stretching is unsafe.





 Table of Contents

1. What Does It Mean To Stretch Your Tires?

2. Can I Stretch My Tires On My Truck? 

3. What Are The Most Popular Tires To Stretch?


2021 Ford f-150 brown stretched wheels


What Does It Mean To Stretch Your Tires?


Tire stretching first started as a concept that made its way throughout the car world. As some people began to desire lower cars and lower suspension options, tire stretching came to obtain an even lower look. While the history of this concept was mostly German, it has made its way around the world as an interesting customization option. Now, this is where trucks come into play… why would you ever want to stretch your tires on a truck?




Stretched Tire




Can I Stretch My Tires On My Truck?


To be 100% and upfront with you, there is not a single good reason that we can come up with why people decided to do it on trucks. The trend started around 5 or 6 years ago at truck shows and it took tire companies by complete surprise. The demand for stretched tires soon took over the aftermarket industry and created a whole new wave of style. Some companies played along with the trend and even started offering 16” wide wheels which are more on the extreme end of the trend. Whether you have a 35x12 on a 14 ½” or a 16”, that stretched tire is very unsafe, and here’s why:


Stretched Tires


When you stretch a tire beyond its intended specifications, you create excess stress on the sidewalls. This excess stress will not only reduce the strength and integrity of the tire but will also generate excess heat while driving which could cause a tire blowout. It goes without mentioning, I think we know just how dangerous a blowout can escalate to be. 




Stretched Tires


So, with that in mind, why do people continue to stretch out their tires?! Simply put, it’s mostly an aesthetic thing. Some people love the look of small tires and big wheels. It shows off the beauty of the wheel, while still making the truck look aggressive. Although it may not be safe, thousands of truck enthusiasts continue to stretch their tires to this day, just to get that aesthetically pleasing look of the wheel.


Stretched Tire




What Are The Most Popular Tires To Stretch?


Alright, the section that you have been waiting for. We Won't go too much in-depth about these tires, but they were chosen because they are some of the toughest tire models out there. These tires have that strength and performance you would need if you decide to go through with stretching your tires. So, finally, here are the best tires to stretch!

1. Kenda Klever R/T

2. Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T

3. Fury Off-Road Country Hunter RT

4. Gladiator XComp MT

5. BFGoodrich All-Terrain TA KO2




Stretched Tire


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2016 Ford F-150


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