What is Proper Directional?

Author: Alexi Rafferty

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Alexi Rafferty

Alexi is a Copywriter at Enthusiast Enterprises, she got her degree in Marketing at UW-Stout. She drives a lifted 2008 Toyota Tacoma and a 2007 Nissan 350Z. If she isn't at work or in the garage you can find her binge-watching Netflix shows with a glass of wine and her dog Sox. Buying and modifying vehicles started as a fun, family activity and now it has consumed her life and her wallet.

April 21, 2021

One of the most common questions we receive at ARKON OFF-ROAD. What is a Proper Directional Wheel? Today we are breaking it down. 





Table of Contents

1. What is a Directional Wheel?

2. What is Proper Directional?

3. Why Get Proper Directional Wheels?

4. How Do You Run Proper Directional Wheels? Swoop? Or Dig? 


Directional Wheels


What is a Directional Wheel?


A directional wheel will have curved spokes or angled spokes so that they will always look like they are going in a certain direction. There are styled directional wheels that have a directional design but are not Proper Directional and then there are of course true Proper Directional wheels. Companies that just offer styled directional wheels do not supply the right design for vehicles to have the correct direction on both sides of the truck. This results in your wheels facing different directions once installed. These will only be made with one mold, so on one side they will tip forwards which is called digging and on the other side they will tip backward and that is called swooping. 




Directional Wheels




What is Proper Directional?


ARKON OFF-ROAD offers Proper Directional wheels, meaning the wheels installed on each side of the vehicle (driver/passenger) will mirror each other, and be tipping in the same direction - the proper way. A Proper Directional wheel is a wheel that will face the same direction wherever you look on the truck. When you get a directional wheel they will make two separate molds for both sides of the truck. This extra work is worth every bit of the time and effort so that you can achieve your ideal look. 


Proper Directional




Why Get Proper Directional Wheels?


You want a Proper Directional wheel first of all because they look better. When people see a Proper Directional wheel they know it is an elite and high-quality wheel because of the extra care that goes into creating them. It also gives a really seamless flow to the build. 




True Directional Wheel




How Do You Run Proper Directional Wheels? Swoop? Or Dig?


To recap With ARKON OFF-ROAD Proper Directional wheels, your set will be tipping either forwards (digging) or backward (swooping) once installed on your truck. When the spokes angle forwards towards the front of the vehicle, that is “digging”. When the spokes angle towards the rear of the vehicle, that is referred to as “swooping”.


Proper Directional Wheels


The ARKON OFF-ROAD standard is to install our Proper Directional wheels in a “swooping” fashion. The benefit to ARKON OFF-ROAD Proper Directional wheels is that YOU can choose whether to run them clean and swooping or aggressive and digging.


SHOP proper directional WHEELS


True Directional Wheels


As always remember that when you purchase a set of ARKON OFF-ROAD wheels packaged with tires you will get free shipping, mounting, and balancing. 





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