What Is Powder Coating? Is Paint Better?

Author: Alexi Rafferty

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Alexi Rafferty

Alexi is a Copywriter at Enthusiast Enterprises, she got her degree in Marketing at UW-Stout. She drives a lifted 2008 Toyota Tacoma and a 2007 Nissan 350Z. If she isn't at work or in the garage you can find her binge-watching Netflix shows with a glass of wine and her dog Sox. Buying and modifying vehicles started as a fun, family activity and now it has consumed her life and her wallet.

April 13, 2021

A super common question that we get is people asking what powder coating is. Today we will be laying everything out that you need to know about powder coating. 





Table of Contents

  1. What is Powder Coating?

  2. Stages of Powder Coating

  3. Powder Coat Vs Paint

  4. Pros of Powder Coating

  5. Cons of Powder Coating


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What is Powder Coating?


Since its inception in the 1960s powder coating has become a really popular finishing option. Many use powder coating on their aftermarket wheels and suspension for an added layer of customization. 


Powder coating


Powder coating is a dry coating process used in lieu of paint. It is essentially paint without any solvent in it, leaving a dry powdered form. This powder is applied to the wheels, suspension, etc using an electrostatic spray gun.

It is then cured under heat to create a sort of skin over the metals. It is done over metals because when it is cured, the item is put in over 900 degrees of heat where plastics, etc would simply melt.  Powder coating is loved for being high quality, durable, reversible, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. 




Powder Coating


Stages of Powder Coating


  1. 1. Melt

  2. 2. Flow

  3. 3. Gel

  4. 4. Cure


Powder Coat




Powder Coat Vs Paint


Powder coating will be a faster, more efficient, and affordable route than paint. It is safer as well. Powder coats will have more strength and flexibility over paint too. Paint will have more color options.

Finally, as far as protection from rust and aesthetic appeal go, a good paint job and a good powder coat will be about the same. The choice is up to you. 




Powder Coat


Pros of Powder Coating




-Safety of Application 


Powder Coat


Cons of Powder Coating


-Color Change (due to cross-contamination)

-Thickness (cannot achieve a thin coat)

-Size Limits (depending on the oven size)


Powder Coat


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Would you powder coat your wheels? Let us know in the comments below. 


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