What Does is Mean to Stretch Your Tires?- Is it Safe? Is it Legal?

February 22, 2021

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When you go to shows you'll see almost every truck with practically no sidewall on the tires. We get so many questions about these. Are they safe? Are they legal?





Table of Contents

  1. What is a Stretched Tire?

  2. Why Do People Stretch Tires?

  3. Is Stretching Your Tires Safe?

  4. Is it Legal?

  5. Popular Tires to Stretch

  6. So… Should You Stretch Your Tires?


Stretched Tires


What is a Stretched Tire?


A stretched tire refers to a tire that has a smaller width than the wheel it's being mounted on. Typically ranging from 1-3 inches in difference. This results in the sidewall stretching to the edge of the wheel giving a very unique show-style look. Made to look risky and dangerous, this is the appeal of the stretched tire. 




Stretched Tire


Why Do People Stretch Tires?


You can do a mild stretch all the way up to a super aggressive stretch on your tires. But why do it?


Stretched Tires


As stated earlier, it is generally for aesthetic purposes only. It doesn't provide any sort of performance benefit in any way for your truck. So we can assume this is only for looks and to keep your build looking show-ready at all times. The only other reason that we have heard of people stretching their tires is that they want to save a buck on smaller tires. 




Stretched Tire


Is Stretching Your Tires Safe?


Starting in the car world, this trend became very common. Moving into the truck world, there is a lot more weight to consider on the said tires. Now, it isn’t necessarily inherently dangerous to stretch your tires. In and of itself it is not dangerous.


Stretched Tire


However, there are some things to note. First of which is that you can much more easily pop your tire. When you stretch a tire there is excess stress and heat on the tire making it easier to puncture, cut, or tear. You are also more prone to de-beading and deflating as well.


Stretched Tire


Another thing to note is that with stretched tires and little to almost no sidewall, there is no protection for your wheels. One curb at the wrong time and place, and just like that, your wheels are ruined. 


Stretched Tire


All of this depends on the amount of stretch that you decide to go with. We do not encourage this choice, however, we do understand it. You gotta do what you gotta do for the perfect show look and setup sometimes.


Stretched Tire

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Most companies won't stretch tires for you. But we will mount and balance those stretched tires for free on your wheels when you get a wheel and tire package and ship them straight to your door. 




Stretched Tires


Is it Legal?


Take a look at your individual state for if stretching your tires is legal. It tends to be in the “gray area”. It is generally frowned upon, however not illegal in most cases. Be careful with your insurance though because it has been said that some people have gotten their insurance voided or rejected because of stretched tires. 




Stretched Tires


Popular Tires to Stretch


Here are some popular brands of tires that get stretched: 

  • Falken
  • Nankang
  • Bridgestone
  • Fury
  • Toyo


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Stretched Tire


So… Should You Stretch Your Tires?


At the end of the day, it is up to you if you want to stretch your tires. If that's the look you want to achieve then go for it, just be safe about it. Know the risk involved and drive carefully. It is a look that we love, but we do understand that there is risk involved.


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Stretched Tire





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