The Best Truck Accessories Under $600

January 8, 2021

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Whether you have an extra $600 lying around in your bank account or not, we can all love truck accessories under $600. Your ARKON OFF-ROAD build already looks great, let’s make it look even better with a couple of accessories





Table of Contents

  1. Gear

  2. Leveling Kit

  3. Spiked Lug Nuts

  4. Wheel Spacers

  5. Detailing Products


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Look as great as your build does all the time with ARKON OFF-ROAD gear. We have t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and more so that you can represent your ARKON OFF-ROAD wheels all the time. Your build is better than everyone else’s, why not make your wardrobe better too?


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Leveling Kit


A good majority of leveling kits will come in under $600. This is a great way to give your build a new, cleaned-up look. A leveling kit levels out the front of your truck to match the back.

Trucks have rake when they come from the factory which just means that the front is lower than the back. Leveling kits even that out and give your build a more symmetrical look. You can also fit a larger tire sometimes after throwing on a leveling kit to give your build a meatier look too. 


Leveling Kit


Most Popular Leveling Kits Under $600:

  1. BDS Suspension 2.5” Leveling Kit- $154 (‘15-20 Ford F-150)

  2. Kryptonite Stage 1 Leveling Kit- $100 (8 Lug Trucks ‘01-10)

  3. ProRyde Chevy GMC 1500 Leveling Kit- $249


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Spiked Lug Nuts


If you want to spice your wheels up even more go grab a set of spiked lug nuts. These will replace your current lug nuts on your aftermarket wheels. Spiked lug nuts will make your wheels look bolder and more aggressive. Take a look at spiked valve stem caps too for an added touch. 


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Spiked Lug Nuts


Wheel Spacers


Check out our wheel spacer blog where we talk about if wheel spacers are safe: here. Wheel spacers give your build a more aggressive stance. They can help your wheels clear your breaks and will push your wheels outwards to poke them out. 


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Wheels Spacers


Detailing Products


Keep your build beautifully show-ready at all times with our KARBON Shine products. We have everything from rubber renew, to wheel shampoo, instant detailer, and vehicle wash. All ranging from only $20- $119. 


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Shine Products


This has been our wrap up of the best truck accessories under $600. What are you looking to buy for your build next? Let us know in the comments below.


And like always we offer as low as 0% APR financing so that you can buy now and pay later. We also offer free shipping, mounting, and balancing on all wheel and tire packages and you will save money on that package too.


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