Are Wheel Spacers Actually Safe?

February 4, 2021

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Whenever someone brings up spacers in the pickup truck-world there seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding them. Critics will say that they're unsafe, people might confuse them for an adapter, and some folks might say they're just useless. 

To help clear the air and make things simple, we decided to tell you the truth about aftermarket wheel spacers. You're going to learn what they are when you might need them and if they're a safe addition to your truck. 



Table of Contents

1. Spacers vs Adapters

2. When Do You Need a Spacer?

3. Are Spacers Dangerous?

4. Most Popular Wheel Spacer Sizes


Spacers vs. Adapters:

The first confusion we need to get out of the way is the difference between a spacer and an adapter. An adapter is simply something you add to your wheels to change their bolt pattern. Consequently, this often acts as a spacer because the room needed for the adapter will push the wheels out. Spacers are used when you don't want to change the bolt pattern of the wheel, but you simply want the wheel to go out further. 

Gallery Photos of Trucks with Spacers

Now, it’s important to mention that a spacer in the car-world is not the same as a spacer from the truck-world. When a car utilizes a spacer, they're often only as large as 10 millimeters, creating only a marginal difference. Trucks are larger; therefore, their spacers are often bigger (1 inch, 2 inches, etc.). 


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When Do You Need a Spacer?:

This is where the critics step in, just when should your truck need to utilize a spacer? People argue that you wouldn't need a spacer if you just bought the correctly sized wheels in the first place, but not everyone is an expert when it comes to wheel sizing. Wheels can be tricky to return once you've driven around on them it's not as easy as returning something at a clothing store. If such a miscalculation is made, spacers can be a less expensive solution to your problem. 

Truck With Spacers

Another thing critics mention is that spacers are strictly an appearance solver. Meaning, they serve no purpose beyond how your truck looks, but spacers can be utilized if the tire is impacting the control arms or if the spokes are grinding up against the brake calipers. If truck owners start to notice this problem, they can turn to spacers to prevent further damage to their trucks. Even still, the truth is, if you aren't experiencing these problems and the size isn't a huge issue then you probably don't need spacers. 




Are Spacers Dangerous?:

To keep it simple, no, spacers are not inherently dangerous. However, if you buy cheap spacers and have them installed poorly then they could be dangerous. You MUST make sure that your spacers are installed correctly and that they are a perfect fit. You want the spacer to sit nice and tight after installation or else you run the risk of excessive vibrations, which could cause further damages to your truck.


Spacers can solve a lot of problems and we want to make your installation nice and easy. A huge complaint many people have regarding spacers is that they take a long time to make and deliver.

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To counter this problem, we've ordered the most common spacers and already have them in stock for you to order. They're still made to order, we just thought of you ahead of time. So, if you want to get a head-start on installing your spacers, visit the site today!




Most Popular Wheels Spacer Sizes

1. 1.5-Inch Spacers

2. 0.375-Inch Spacers

3. 0.5-Inch Spacers

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And of course, if you still need the wheel part for your wheel spacers be sure to check out the ARKON OFF-ROAD Wheel Collection here. When you get a wheel and tire package you will get free shipping, free mounting, and balancing and you will save money on that package as well. Finally, we also offer as low as 0% APR financing. 

Would you run wheel spacers? Let us know in the comments below. 

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