Show Trucks VS. Street Trucks

December 18, 2020

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Today we are going to walk you guys through the difference between a show truck and a street truck. Which one is better? That’s up to you to decide. 





Table of Contents

  1. Show Truck

  2. The Build

  3. The Price Tag

  4. Street Truck

  5. Examples of Street Trucks

  6. Street Truck Modifications


Show Truck


We are obviously partial to the show truck scene, that is no secret. Almost all of our builds are show trucks and it is a passion that we live by. That isn't to say that we don't love a good street truck though, there are crazy awesome builds everywhere you look. And ARKON OFF-ROAD wants to be apart of them all.

A show truck is well what it says; a truck that is taken to truck shows. There are shows around the world. One of the most notable and historical is SEMA. This is where the best of the best trucks go to be judged.

Show trucks are more commonly seen than street trucks nowadays simply due to the current trends. 


Show Truck


The Build


A show truck will usually have a huge lift, huge wheels, and some rubber band tires. They will have any and all aftermarket parts ie. headlights, taillights, bumper, etc. Anything that can be modified will be modified.




A show truck (also known as a mall crawler) is not necessarily meant to be practical. It is here to look great and push the boundaries. They do exactly that. Normally accompanied by a sweet paint job and any other custom parts and services under the sun. 


The Price Tag


Building a show truck is NOT cheap. You can dump hundreds of thousands of dollars into a truck and you still might just hate it and want to do more. 


Show Truck


One thing that we can tell you for sure though. No matter what your build is, a set of ARKON OFF-ROAD wheels will enhance it. Today we are walking you through the difference between a show and a street truck but this just goes to show how versatile our wheels can be and how great they look on all builds.




Street Truck


What exactly is a street truck. Urban Dictionary, which is a completely credible source and is only dedicated to the education of today's youth defines a street truck as, and I quote, any LS powered truck capable of spinning tire. While the English is broken and the sentence structure is a little limiting, it still makes some sense.


Street Truck


For the purpose of this blog, we're going to define a street truck as exactly what the name implies, which is quite literally a truck built for the streets. Usually, these trucks are built to make big power and put it down effectively. I mean, when I think street truck, I think burnout machine. The idea of street trucks isn't new by any means. 


Examples of Street Trucks


As decades passed, more and more manufacturers began jumping on the bandwagon and offering a performance geared pickup. Dodge had the little red express, which was the fastest production truck at the time. Ford brought the lightning to market in the early '90s.

GM then doubled down on the 454 SS, which was actually heartbreakingly slow, by the way. But that's a story for another time.




Even Toyota jumped on the game at one point by offering the X Runner Tacoma, which is a longer, lower, and wider Tacoma, and then on top of it, they tossed a TRD supercharger on it. 


Street Truck Modifications


This ushered in a whole new era of truck modifications, as guys started to realize that their trucks were not only good for towing. Suddenly trucks began showing up at drag strips all over the United States, often outfitted with massive turbo setups and tires that are made to hook it up on a quarter-mile.

Speaking of which, when it comes to street trucks, oftentimes you're gonna find them on aftermarket wheels. As a general rule of thumb, you're gonna see these guys rolling around on 22's or bigger, with a low profile street tire.




In terms of suspension, street trucks usually keep the lifts small, oftentimes with just the leveling kit. In more extreme cases, however, some guys will actually reverse level, which means removing the rear block from the axle and lowering the whole stance of the vehicle to really give you that street truck look.

With all of that being said though, as always the people demand to know, what is the hype with street trucks? They're low, they're wide, they're fast, and a lot of times, they'll give a lot of cars a run for their money.




Which style do you like more?


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