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Biggest Lift Kits You Can Buy

December 9, 2020

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Like many things in life, size really does matter. After all, it's what the internet is gonna judge you on. Get your head out of the gutter we're talking about aftermarket lift kits here.

Today we're going to jump into a question that you guys ask us pretty frequently. It seems that people always want to know when it comes to lift kits, how big can I really go?



Table of Contents

1. BDS 8-Inch Lift

2. Mcgaughys 10-Inch Lift

3. Wicked 12-Inch Lift

4. Full Throttle 18-Inch Lift

BDS 8-Inch Lift


 All right, so let's kick this list off with our first. Kicking it off today is a lift kit that we personally have quite a bit of experience with, the BDS Eight-Inch Coilover Kit. If you are aware, that's actually the same lift kit that's, on our K350 and it's been nothing short of fantastic. Featuring Fox 2.5 inch factory series coilover shocks.

bds logo

This kit is a solid choice for just about anyone. One of the coolest parts about this lift kit is that not only does BDS offer this lift for the Super Duties, but they also offer it for the IFS GM's 1500 trucks as well.


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Mcgaughys 10-Inch Lift


 If you're looking for a sizeable lift but also want to retain a pretty good ride and drivability, this may just be the lift kit for you. Climbing right up the ladder, is the Mcgaughys 10-Inch Premium Lift Kit for the Fourth-Gen Ram, 2500 trucks.

Unlike some of the other smaller lift kits that Mcgaughys offers, this kit features a full four-link conversion with upper and lower control arms, 10-inch lift coils, adjustable track bar bracket, new bump stops, and two front shocks that have a whopping 29 and a half inches of shock travel.

mcgaughys logo

If all of that wasn't cool enough this kit also comes with Billet Face Plates for the four-link arms, which is absolutely awesome. One important thing to note with this kit is that it actually comes right from Mcgaughys unfinished. So be sure to plan on painting or powder coating your lift kit, if this is the direction you want to go. 


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Wicked 12-Inch Lift


Stepping up to the 12 inches of height, we've got the Wicked manufacturing, 12-inch lift kit for the 2017 and up Ford Super Duty trucks.

Again, this one gives you a total of 12 inches of lift for your truck. And features all the goodies that you would expect when it comes to a lift of this size. All the way down to the minuscule things like brake line extensions, because, well when you're adding 12 inches of lift, the factory components aren't really made to be that far away from the wheels.

wicked suspension

One of the coolest things about Wicked is that they have several different options for the control arm design. Which really allows you to customize the look of the lift on your truck. They have like three of them. It's pretty neat.


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Full Throttle 18-Inch Lift

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All right, so we got that out of the way. But what if you wanted the biggest lift kit we offer. If you're lucky enough to own a '99 to '06 GM 1500 truck, you're in luck. Coming in at the biggest lift kit we've got, a whopping 18 total inches is the Full Throttle Suspension lift kit.


This kit is crazy. It offers you a complete drop package for all of your necessary components. Meaning that it won't give you goofy CV joint angles and stuff.

If that's not cool enough for you, this kit is also 100% bolt-on. Meaning that, should you ever wanna put your truck back to stock, you also have that option.

Pair that with the massive FTS plate on the front drop bracket, and you're sure to turn some heads for this lift kit. 

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So the question is... Is bigger truly better? We are a little bias but we think yes. 

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