Who the Heck is Superlift?

November 9, 2020

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Take your vehicle anywhere with a SuperLift Lift Kit for your Jeep, truck, or SUV! Offering lift kits for your vehicle with upgraded component options to brands like Bilstein and will give your truck the height and ride quality that you're looking for.

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Table of Contents

  1. History
  2. What Happened to Superlift?
  3. What Makes Their Lift Kits so Great?
  4. Best Sellers



Superlift began in 1975 and is known for being the first-ever lift kit company. They are based out of Louisiana in the United States. They specialized in mud trucks and the off-roading scene with a deep love for it. Everyone who owns and works for Superlift is a true automotive enthusiast so they put so much love into everything that they make.

They had a TV show that ran for 9 seasons, called Superlifts Off-Road Adventures, that went over everything off-road and suspension. They are a small company with only about 50 people doing everything to create their suspension kits from start to finish. 


What Happened to Superlift?

In the early 2000s when mall crawlers were becoming more and more popular this fad started to take over the truck scene. Superlift stuck to their guns and dominated the mud bogging market but as that market became smaller and smaller so did Superlift.

They were off the radar for a while as the custom show truck scene grew. Especially once the 2008 recession hit, this hit them hard. They went back to the drawing board and decided to launch their Black Diamond line targeting that show truck market. They are still the experts in off-road suspension and offer that performance suspension to this day, but they decided to get into that competitive show truck market as well to remain a force in the aftermarket suspension scene.

They make lifts and leveling kits sizes ranging from 1.5” to 12” but they specialize in 4 and 6-inch lifts primarily to stay true to their roots and what they do best. Superlift is back and better than ever and they are ready to give you the best suspension possible. 




What Makes Their Lift Kits so Great?

People rave about how smooth their Superlift suspension is and their amazing prices. How do they do it? They have so much expertise from being in this game for so dang long, they have had the time to perfect their craft and do things wrong and correct them and really hone in on what is the best in suspension.

There are tons of upgrade options to ensure that you get the best possible ride, you can upgrade to Bilstein Shocks or Fox Shocks. Superlift is able to keep prices down because they are made by enthusiasts, so they know what matters and focus on that and don’t focus on the things that don’t matter and will just increase the prices. Their prices range from $117-$4,700. 




Superlift Best Sellers


Here is a round-up of their most popular items!




We hope that this has helped you to learn a little bit more about Superlift and their fantastic products. If you are an off-road lover or just someone who wants a lift but is worried about how smooth the ride will be then look no further. Now is the time to finally get your lift, here is your sign.

We can’t say enough good things about this company. They are a small, personable company and they create the highest-quality products that we can easily stand behind. Many of our employees run these lifts and love them. We hope that you will love them too.

And remember that once your build is done, be sure to add a photo of your ride to our gallery so that we can show it off on our channels and it can be used to help others create a build as amazing as yours! Whether you are shopping for you or for someone else this holiday season, be sure to check out Superlift! Happy shopping!



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