ARKON K350 Build Breakdown

October 12, 2020

You've seen this truck at shows and all over our site, but what actually went into building the ARKON K350? Today we'll dive into the wheel, tire, and suspension setup of this beast and talk about some of the other features of this truck. Hopefully by the end of this you will be confident that you can build a show truck like this too.




1. Crown Series Victory


Crown Series Victory Red


  • Red or Chrome Finish
  • Proper Directional

We'll start with the wheels. the K350 is running a set of our Crown Series Victory wheels in a 26x14 -81 size. This is an absolutely massive setup and we're proud to showcase the Crown Series on the truck that embodies the ARKON. The Crown Series Victory is a multispoke Proper Directional wheel that comes in a Red Chrome finish.

The spokes feature an aggressive bend towards the middle of each spoke that takes the directional styling to a whole new level. The Victory can be had in either a chrome or this red milled finish and is available in a 22x12 -51 size.


Get the Victory Here!



What is Proper Directional?


2. Fury Country Hunter MT


Fury Country Hunter MT


For tires, the K350 wraps the Crown Series Victory in a set of Fury Offroad Country Hunter MT tires. They are 40x15.5 so again, a very aggressive setup. The Country Hunter MT has been a very popular tire, especially in the show truck scene thanks to Fury offering larger sizes than a lot of the competition while keeping a low price.

This is a mud tire, so expect a little more road noise than something like a Hybrid or AT but you can also expect better performance if you ever did decide to take your truck down some trails. The tread pattern is really aggressive making this perfect for a dramatic build.





  • Large Sizes
  • Low Cost
  • Aggressive Tread



  • Road Noise


GET THE Country Hunter!


3. 8 Inch BDS Suspension Lift Kit

8 Inch BDS Lift Kit

Finally, the K350 is sitting on an eight-inch BDS Suspension lift kit. If you don't know, BDS Suspension is one of the go-to brands for lift kits on show trucks. We went with the eight-inch lift to accommodate our massive wheel and tire setup. The kit comes ready to install from BDS and we had it powder-coated to match the red finish on the wheels as well as tie in the entire color scheme of the build.

This truck will usually be sent to shows, but on the occasional offroading trip, the BDS kit is more than capable to tackle the terrain. For now, it just makes the K350 incredibly mean to look at.






It's crazy to see how far the K350 has come and the setup that this particular truck has more than enough flash to break necks everywhere we go. Be sure to check out our other blogs below, grab some merch here, or head over to our gallery and find a set of ARKON wheels for your build!



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