How to Customize your Wheels

October 6, 2020

In today's blog, we are running you through all of the ways that you can customize your new or old wheels. 






This has become the go-to modification for many young people that can't afford any other mods right away. We have all seen the terrible spray paint jobs, but this is one way to customize your wheels, though we don't recommend it. Some go straight for craft store spray paint while others will get plasti-dip, this became popular because it was considered to be a temporary mod. You can spray your wheels with plasti-dip and then later rip off the plasti-dip. You could get an automotive-grade paint for your wheels as well, but the most common choice for changing up the finish now has become powder coating. Powder coating is when you apply a dry paint to the wheel which is then electrostatically charged and applied with a spray gun. The wheels are then heated which dries the paint and forms a film over the wheel. This way you can get a permanent, high-quality custom finish on the wheel. It doesn't chip or peel as easily as paint does. This will give your wheel a whole new look. 


powder coat


Lug Nuts




The next customization for your wheels will be your lug nuts. We have tons of lug nut options, you can do regular lug nuts that are a different color or something unique, this can give your wheel something a little different that will pop out. Or you can get more aggressive with it and go for a spiked lug nut, you can do these in many different color options as well. These will give your wheels a very bold and mean look. In order to do this, you have to be sure that your wheels have exposed lug nuts. 




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Center Caps




Finally, the last customization for your wheels is the center cap. Sometimes you can get a completely different center cap from a company. Otherwise again you can paint or powder coat your current center cap along with your wheels. They will draw the eye to the center of the wheel and can help to show off your wheel and make them stand out even more. 




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