Ford Bronco Build Breakdown

September 11, 2020

Today, we're going to run through another one of our ARKON OFF-ROAD builds. This Build Breakdown is on a 1994 Ford Bronco with the  24x14 -81 ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln, with some 35"x13.5" AMP Mud Terrain Attack MT A tires, a 6" Lift Kit from Superlift Suspension


Ford Bronco


Fitment Information:

- Diameter: 15" to 26"

- Width: 8" to 10.5"

- Offset: -31mm to 35mm

- Bolt Pattern: 5x5.5" (5x139.7mm)


Ford Bronco


Quick Links:



Wheels | ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln

The wheels on this Ford Bronco are the 24x14 ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln. This is our most popular wheel and has been in the yearly top 10 best selling wheels since it was released.


Ford Bronco


The Lincoln on this vehicle is in the chrome finish. The owner has also added spiked lug nuts which gives the truck a timeless and expensive look easily.

1994 Ford Bronco


The Lincoln is a one-piece, alloy wheel, with 8 spokes with the luxury Proper Directional design that is usually only offered on forged wheels.  









Tires | AMP Mud Terrain Attack MT A 

The tires on this truck are 35x13.5 AMP MT's. As the owner mentions, these AMP Mud Terrain tires are underrated. The owner wanted his wheel and tire setup to be bold with the ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln to be the focus. 


AMP Mud Terrain Tire

The AMP Mud Terrain Attack MT A makes for a smooth, safe ride with high traction and an overall outstanding grip. They have a high comfort rating and are notorious for their off-road performance in mud, rock, snow, sand, and more.


Ford Bronco


Tire Specs:

- Price: Starting at $1016

- Load Range: E

- Speed Index: Q

- Tire Type: Mud Terrian

- Warranty: Full Manufacturer Warranty 







Suspension | Superlift Suspension Lift Kit 

This Bronco is riding on the SuperLift Radius Arm 6-inch Lift Kit, but instead of using the 4-inch block in the rear, the owner switched to a 2-inch block and used the 4-inch block in the rear. This Bronco also has its suspension anodized blue which gives it a really nice pop of color.


Ford Bronco


SuperLift Suspension has a reputation for offering very high-quality suspension kits that are made to last. They offer a variety of lift kit sizes from 6-inches to 12-inches. The 6-inch lift kit that this Bronco is riding on looks awesome with the ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln and the AMP Mud Terrain Attack MT A tire fitment.  


Ford Bronco





Spacers | 2-inch Font / 3-inch Rear

Finally, the owner of this 1994 Ford Bronco has 3-inch spacers in the rear and 2-inch spacers in the back to get him the perfect squat and wide bulldog stance.


1994 Ford Bronco


Spacers will push your wheels and tires further outside the wheel well. Spacers can be used to get a flush look or an aggressive look depending on what size spacer used. We only carry BORA spacers because they are the highest quality spacers on the market.


Ford Bronco


If you decide to get wheel spacers, it is important to only buy high-quality spacers to avoid damage to your truck.






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