September 8, 2020

Many don't know that we actually do sell more than just wheels. We also have a really great line of apparel and merch that is available to you. If you want to represent the ARKON OFF-ROAD name and look as good as your wheels, then you need to check it out. 






We have an extensive line of apparel. Including hats, t-shirts, tank tops, and sweatshirts. If you upload a photo on your social media channels wearing the apparel you do have a chance to be featured on the ARKON OFF-ROAD social media sites too. The apparel ranges from $15 to $34 so it is very affordable. With your wheel purchase, you always get a free t-shirt too to show our appreciation. 




Decals Etc




Along with our super nice apparel, you will find decals, posters, banners, and gift cards. These range from $5 to $50. You can elevate your closet and your truck all in one purchase. Everything we do, we put 110% in it. You have seen it with our wheels, and it doesn't stop there. We always want you to have an exceptional experience with ARKON OFF-ROAD. Everything we make for our merch is made high-quality and at amazing prices just like our wheels. 




Shop Merch Here



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