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April 17, 2020


Born the Summer of 2018, ARKON OFF-ROAD was conceived as a partnership between Custom Offsets and SD Wheel. The two companies have been working side-by-side in the wheel industry since 2013. By teaming up, Custom Offsets and SD Wheel are able to leverage buying power for all things wheels, tires, suspension and more. All combined, Custom Offsets and SD Wheel consist of nearly 300,000 sqft. of warehouse, showroom and shop space with locations in Appleton, WI and St.Charles, IL. The combined team is 150+ employees and could put on a pretty impressive truck and car show with just their employee parking lots because we ARE enthusiasts.


The teams at both companies began talking in 2016 about getting off the sidelines and jumping into the wheel game with their own brand. However, with growth rates of 100% year-over-year, the companies were consumed with keeping up with their current business models. Then in the Spring of 2018, the leadership teams of Custom Offsets and SD Wheel sat down over a German das boot of beer, shook hands, and ARKON OFF-ROAD was born. This newly formed team would be constructed of the largest media team in the wheel industry and one of the largest truck wheel & tire distributors in the nation. Vowing to focus on aggressive, PROPER DIRECTIONAL, high-quality, and innovative wheels that know how to listen to the lifted truck market – ARKON OFF-ROAD is setting off on a mission to dominate the wheel industry!


With almost 20 years of combined wheel industry knowledge, companies comprising almost completely of lifted truck enthusiasts, and the backing of Team Stance – ARKON OFF-ROAD has every intention of reshaping the truck wheel industry!