5 Reasons to Buy Arkon Wheels

October 24, 2020

Arkon Lincoln Silverado


1. Designed for You


ARKON OFF-ROAD wheels are designed with YOU in mind.

Founded by a group of enthusiasts, ARKON OFF-ROAD builds wheels that the community wants to see. Take a look at all of our models and you'll quickly see that we design show-quality wheels with designs that are sure to break necks all day long. From the Lincoln to the Crown Series Triumph, we're confident that when you throw a set of ARKON OFF-ROAD wheels on your ride, you will stand out from the crowd.

Arkon Crown Series Victory Red F350Arkon Crown Series Victory Red F350


2. Proper Directional


ARKON OFF-ROAD offers Proper Directional cast wheels, meaning the wheels installed on each side of the vehicle (driver/passenger) will mirror each other, and be tipping in the same direction - the proper way.

Proper directional (commonly known as “true directional”) wheels are typically only available with high price forged wheels whereas ARKON OFF-ROAD offers Proper Directional styling without the daunting price tag. Companies that offer directionally designed wheels do not typically supply the proper wheels for vehicles to have the correct design on both sides of the vehicle. This results in your wheels facing different directions once installed.



3. Value


From the day we designed our first ARKON wheels until now, quality has always been at the forefront for ARKON OFF-ROAD. Our in house designers create new and unique styles that accentuate your build and give you a final product to be proud of and show off. From our stainless hardware in the Crown Series lineup to the automotive quality finish on our painted wheels, nothing goes untouched by our team as we maintain our high-quality standards. These standards are emphasized even more with our Proper Directional expectation. All directionally styled ARKON wheels come to you as Proper Directional, with a Left side and Right side for your build.

Sierra Arkon Off-RoadSierra Arkon Off-road


4. No Questions Asked Replacement Plan


We know you work hard for your money and you love your ride. That's why we offer you a way to stay protected.

The No Questions Asked Replacement Plan works like this:

  • No Questions Asked - Get one free wheel replacement, for any reason, for just the cost of S&H ($39).
  • Continued Coverage - Order up to two additional replacements for 50% of the wheel’s normal retail price plus S&H.
  • No Claim Bonus - If you don’t need to make a claim, you’ll get 100% of the plan cost back as a credit toward your next set of ARKON wheels.

Arkon LincolnArkon Alexander


5. Options


Finally, we want to make sure that we have a set of wheels that fit your needs. Our wheels are designed to be show-quality, but that doesn't mean that you need to run an absolutely massive wheel. You can find ARKON OFF-ROAD wheels in sizes as small as 20x10 -25. But, if you prefer to go big or go home, you can definitely grab a set as large as 26x14 -81.

All of our wheels are intentionally designed with exposed lug nuts and we love seeing a set of spiked lug nuts standing out next to our clean ARKON center caps.


Arkon Offroad F250Arkon Offroad F250

If you want a beautiful, neck-breaking, show-stopping wheel with amazing quality and price, ARKON OFF-ROAD wheels will fit all of your requirements.

What are you waiting for? Go grab a set now and take your ride to the next level.



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