ARKON Employees Favorite Wheels

February 12, 2022



Today we’re getting a little behind the scenes and are linking up with the ARKON team members themselves. Let’s learn a little about each team member and their favorite wheel, and find out why they like them so much!








-ARKON DaVinci

-ARKON Chrome Caesar

-ARKON Alexander

-ARKON Roosevelt

2014 Chevy Silverado 1500



26x14 ARKON Davinci


The ARKON Davinci is one of the hottest selling wheels right now on the market, so no wonder why Luke loves it! Luke is the Creative Lead here at ARKON, so he spends a lot of time posting wheels and seeing what others like, but that also gives him time to pick out which one is his favorite too!





The ARKON DaVinci stuck out to Luke in particular because of its overall look and feel when you see it rolling down the road and the massive space that helps show off its vast lip even in a daily orientated wheel and tire setup.



The 26x14 Chrome DaVinci is a one-piece alloy 8 Spoke wheel with a -81 offset. This wheel offers an aggressive yet sleek design that can enhance the look of any truck.


1993 Ford Bronco








ARKON Chrome Caesar


The chrome Caesar, and just the Caesar in general, is a fan favorite here at ARKON, especially between AJ, Bailey, and Nick. It wasn't a big surprise when all three of them picked the same wheel. Aj is an Editor/Videographer here at ARKON, so he's been up close and in-person with the wheel itself. The chrome Caesar is AJ's favorite because it has a simple and classic look, but the chrome makes it stand out and gives off that "new wheel" vibe all of the time.







On the other hand, Bailey thought the chrome Caesar was the perfect set to add to his truck in size 26x14! Bailey is a Community Expert here at ARKON and loves the chrome Caesar for the overall design and flow of the wheel itself.





They can transform any build and make it look five years newer! The chrome Caesar has a simplistic design, and smooth bends but still gives off that show truck vibe, so Bailey knew it was the perfect addition to his build.

2011 Ram 2500 black running chrome caesars



ARKON's graphic designer Nick is also a huge fan of the chrome Caesars. He agrees that it gives off that simplistic yet showy design, but he also thinks it's the best wheel that showcases ARKON's Proper Directional designs.






The ARKON chrome Caesar is a one-piece alloy wheel with a multi-spoke design. This wheel gives off that show-build vibes while still fitting in on a daily driver.



2006 Dodge Ram 2500








24x14 ARKON Alexander


The ARKON Alexander is another top competitor in the aftermarket world. Jeremy, the Operations Lead here at ARKON, picked the ARKON Alexander in 24x14 as his favorite wheel for many reasons. The most obvious is the unique flow of the spokes and the milling it has.






The ARKON Alexander also has that swooping look of the spokes that make it look like it's slicing through the air when on an actual moving truck, and it also adds a little more flow to the design than the straight spoked wheels out there.



2019 Ford f-250 Super Duty




The ARKON Alexander is a one-piece alloy wheel with a multispoke design and a -81 offset. This wheel can transform any truck into the dream build!




2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD










ARKON Roosevelt


Banker, who is the Offsets Garage Lead, personally loves the ARKON Roosevelt because it has an aggressive and unique look, but it's not directional, so it doesn't limit his tire rotation capabilities. He loves that the Roosevelt features a split-spoke design with heaving milling because it really helps accent the wheel spokes and makes them look thinner.



The spokes actually start at the edge of the wheel and are extremely concave, but then meet back at the hub of the wheel. Not only will this wheel look great on a show truck, but you can use them to even spice up your daily dirver and look like a beast on the road.


2017 GMC Sierra 1500



The ARKON Roosevelt is a one-piece alloy wheel with a 6 spoke design. This wheel comes in Gloss Black with milled spoke edges and Chrome. It also features exposed lug nuts and a single lug drilling that helps make this wheel perfect for showcasing some spiked lug nuts.



2020 Chevrolet Silverado









So, who are you siding with? And what wheel would you put on your dream build? Let us know in the comments below! But let's be honest, any of these wheels will make your build the best one on the road! Remember, we offer free mounting, balancing, and shipping for any wheel and tire package. We also offer financing options and you could get approved for as little as 0% APR! 














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