EV'S Vs The Aftermarket

February 7, 2022


Have you ever wondered how the aftermarket will handle the evolution of electric vehicles, or if there will even be one? EV’s are shown to be the next best thing when it comes to vehicles. But are they actually?




Table Of Contents:

-All About Electric Vehicles

-Is There An Aftermarket For EV’s?

-Will EV’s Overpower Gas And Diesels?


2019 Ford F-250


All About Electric Vehicles:


The market for electric vehicles seems to be on the rise, but it leaves people wondering, are they worth it? Electric vehicles are trending due to them being better for the economy, but they have a lot of downfalls, like price, mileage, and charging time. But there are a couple different types of electrical vehicles out there that might actually be a good addition to the vehicle world. One of those being the Ford F-150 Lightning. 


ford lightning

Photo courtesy of Ford.

This EV itself can tow up to 10,000 lbs. Another great EV that isn't available yet but is in the making is the Cyber Truck. It is said to be a lot stronger than the Ford F-150 Lightning, because it can tow up to 14,000 lbs, but that number isn't set in stone quite yet. An electric truck can manage at least 7,500 lbs which goes to show they are able to tow important things like trailers and campers. Although people tend to hype up electric vehicles, there are tons of drawbacks when it comes to owning one. For example, electric trucks are extremely expensive to buy. One thing that is great about the Ford F-150 Lightning is that it is a lot cheaper than the other EVs that exist. It usually starts at around $39,000, while its competitor, the GMC Hummer starts at around $79,000, which is significantly more than a diesel or gas truck. 


tesla cyber truck

Photo courtesy of Tesla.

Although electric vehicles seem to be more efficient, but are they worth buying? One of the big questions is, “are they convenient”. Well, typically if you are driving long work routes or frequently traveling with your truck, they may not be the best option for you. EV’s technically lack that strong range. They take forever to charge, which gives them only up to 300 miles of range while the average diesel/gas Ford F-150 can give you up to 750 miles between refills. 


gmc hummer ev

Photo courtesy of GMC.


Is There An Aftermarket For EV’s?


Say you do decide to go with an electric truck for your next purchase, but what happens when you want to modify it? A lot of truck enthusiasts fear there will not be an aftermarket for EV’s but that’s where they might be wrong. The parts aftermarket is estimated to grow 1.4% annually due to all of the opportunities there are when it comes to EV’s. Although items like alternators, clutches, transmission belts, brake pads, and other items might slow, their growth in certain categories like tires will rise due to the greater weight of electric vehicles and the specific requirements that are needed.


ford lightning

Photo courtesy of Ford.


Will EV’s Overpower Gas And Diesels?


For a short answer, no. We don’t think that EV’s will overpower gas and diesel trucks, especially within the truck enthusiast world. People love the roars of diesel trucks, and an EV would just take that away. EV's eventually will be able to compete with diesel trucks once the battery life is figured out, but even then, we don’t think they will take over the world. Unless manufacturers stop making gas and diesel trucks altogether, we will be in the clear.


2019 Chevrolet SDilverado


EV’s are a growing revolution that can potentially help the aftermarket grow even more than it already has. So, what do you think? Would you ever buy an EV? Let us know in the comments below. Remember, If you buy a wheel and tire package, you get free mount and balancing and can get approved for as low as 0% financing!







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