Adapters VS Spacers

January 29, 2022


People tend to wonder what spacers and adapters are while wondering if they're even worth it. Let's talk about everything you need to know about adapters and spacers. It tends to be a big controversey between people either loving or hating them. Which one are you?




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1. What Is An Adapter?

2. What Is A Spacer?

3. Are They Dangerous?

4. When Should You Run Adapters/Spacers?

5. Value/Benefits of Adapters and Spacers


2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500


What Is An Adapter?


Sometimes people question if adapters and spacers are the same thing, and aren’t quite sure what makes them different. Well, an adapter technically does all of the same things that spacers do. But instead, an adapter changes the bolt pattern to allow you to fit wheels on your truck that normally would not fit if you didn’t add an adapter. 


arkon adapters


Adapters are great for running wheels that may not be for your bolt pattern, which allows you to have an increase in the selection of wheels. For instance, since enthusiasts are not restricted to using just one bolt pattern, they can explore a world of wheels that may be smaller, larger, or fit the appearance of their truck better. 




2015 gmc sierra


 But then it comes to, “well, why didn’t you just order the right size wheels”. Ordering wheels can be difficult and mistakes can be made. It’s not easy to return a set of wheels especially if they have been driven around for a little while. Instead of waiting forever to get the right set of wheels, adding a wheel adapter can allow you to make the once wrong wheels fit perfectly on your truck. 


2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500




What Is A Spacer?


Now let’s talk about spacers. They are little circles of metal that sit between the wheels and rotors to help widen the stance. One misconception is that a spacer is identical to an adapter. Although they are very similar, a spacer is built for an exact bolt pattern and is used to widen the stance of the wheel, ultimately creating more space between the wheel and the wheel hub.


Arkon spacers


This allows enthusiasts to fit bigger wheels on their truck, giving it a more stylish and unique appearance, and they are great for needing clearance of the brake calipers and suspension components. Lots of people use wheel spacers to increase their handling, like traction for instance since it does allow for a bigger wheel and tire combo. 


2015 Chevy Silverado 1500




Are They Dangerous?


Technically no, wheel spacers and adapters are not dangerous. However, stay away from the cheap eBay/amazon spacers as they tend to be more problematic. Always make sure your spacers and adapters are installed correctly, sitting nice and tight to the wheel to ensure stability.


2006 nissan titan


 If they are not installed correctly, they can cause excessive shaking which could damage your truck. If you are installing your adapters and spacers professionally, buying high-quality ones, and running them smartly, then they are completely safe and will enhance your ride.


2017 gmc sierra 1500


When Should You Run Adapters/Spacers?


By all means, do not just run the wrong size wheels because you want to add that extra space. You can do that while ordering the right size wheels and ordering spacers. It is recommended that if you did end up ordering the wrong size wheels, adapters are the perfect way to make your wheels fit your truck. If you're looking for something that can give your wheels that extra space away from the rotors and suspension components, allowing for bigger tires, an increase in handling, and performance on and off the road, then spacers would be just right for you. 


2007 gmc sierra 1500


One main problem when it comes to wheel spacers and adapters is trying to find the good quality ones that won’t take months to get here. Lucky for you, we have tons of adapters and spacers IN STOCK, and ready to ship your way, check them out!




2008 Chevy Silverado 1500


Values/Benefits Of Adapters and Spacers


-A wider variety of wheels

-Better handling and faster acceleration

-Better on-road performance and smoother ride

-Evenly loaded tires

2014 Chevy Silverado


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2011 ford f-150


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