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No Questions Asked Replacement Plan

We know that you put a lot of work into maintaining your truck’s look, and we have an available solution if one of those “Watch This!” moments gets a hold of you. What’s this solution you ask? It’s called the No Questions Asked Replacement Plan, and this is how it works.

Every wheel that we offer comes with a standard warranty through the manufacturer. The No Questions Asked Replacement Plan gives you peace of mind past that point.

Here is the coverage breakdown:

  • Standard Warranty (free with every wheel purchase)

  • Structural Issues (cracks, failure, etc.) that occur during normal driving.
  • Cosmetic Issues (corrosion, peeling, etc.) that result from factory defect within 1-year of purchase.
  • No Questions Asked Replacement Plan (optional)
    Any issue (failure, cracks, scratches, corrosion, peeling, fading, etc.) caused by:

  • Incorrect installation
  • Curbing / rock abrasion
  • Neglect / lack of maintenance
  • Vandalism
  • Road hazard impact
  • Accidents
  • Accessory failure (lugs, spacers, etc.)
  • Excessive weight load
  • Racing or off-road use
  • Tire mount mistakes
  • Abuse / misuse
  • Climate / road salt
  • Chemicals / caustic cleaning agents
  • Anything else you can imagine

The No Questions Asked Replacement Plan works like this:

  • No Questions Asked - Get one free wheel replacement, for any reason, for just the cost of S&H ($39).
  • Continued Coverage - Order up to two additional replacements for 50% of the wheel’s normal retail price plus S&H.
  • No Claim Bonus - If you don’t need to make a claim, you’ll get 100% of the plan cost back as a credit toward your next set of Arkon wheels.
  • Three Years of Coverage - That's right, your wheels are protected for the next 36 months.

We know what you’re thinking:

“Wait a second! So, I’ll get a free replacement if I mess up a wheel, I can make a claim for any reason I want, and if I don’t use it – I'll get the full amount I pay credited back?”


We designed this plan so that you come out ahead no matter happens – and highly recommend adding it when purchasing wheels.

Note: This additional coverage is for new wheel orders only and must be purchased by the date of shipment (or seven days from the wheel order date - whichever comes later). Plan coverage must be purchased in the same quantity as the wheels purchased, with a minimum quantity of (4). To purchase the NQARP after checkout (within 7 days of purchase) please email: wheels@arkonoffroad.com and title the subject line: "No Questions Asked Replacement Plan."

Full Terms of Service (PDF)